I was progressing through my thirties and I was cleaning out some stuff in my parents garage when I found some old fanzines from when I was young. It reminded me of a time when I was politically conscious. Reflecting on it I realized that I had somehow lost connection with this part of me, life and things came in the way. The fire I had was gone and it saddened me. I fondly remembered my amazement at discovering anarcho-syndicalism in political studies class: “How come this amazing idea isn’t the World Order? It’s perfect!”.

Fast forward and the grind of wage labor had me forget all about this (and having fun 🤷🏼‍♂️), as is the intention of the system we live under. I realized I had to do something to re-connect and educate myself. Setting myself a goal of becoming politically radicalized as far as possible to the left. I want to share my journey of rediscovering my revolutionary potential and the 🔥 section is my way of doing this.

Why write this now? (in October 2023) The mother earth needs us. I know every generation feels their struggle is the most cruicial of all time, but this time it actually is true. Having grown up during the Cold War, nuclear annihilation was something you were made aware of. I remember that we for years could not eat anything from the mountains after the Chernobyl disaster. We felt the world was in trouble, sadly things have not improved and we have little time to fix it.

Inflicting change on the world is, as I see it, not possible without the masses of the people organizing to overthrow the current world order. This is how changed has happened all through history. We can not debate climate change any more. We can not debate the alt-right until they “realize” the error of their ways. It is through direct action and with the real threat of consequences that change can happen. Working from within and the liberal mantra of gradual changes is a lie we are told to keep us all in check. History shows that by organizing, we can fight back and create a better world. It all starts with getting educated. I hope to inspire you to start your own journey.

You should find your own path for your journey, safe travels into the 🔥 section »

Love & solidarity ♥️