These are some things that, to me, is some of the knowledge that underpins a lot of where I am right now. A collection of knowledge which has brought me to where I am on my journey, means as inspiration if you are not sure where to start. Regardless of your political orientation, these books will provide you knowledge that you’d find useful.

With this basic knowledge, you are well set to learn more. It is the 101 so to speak, enjoy!

Time for outrage! (Indignez-vous!)

Cover of Time for outrage by Stéphane Hessel

Author: Stéphane Hessel

Ninety four year old Stéphane wrote this book in 2010, reflecting on his life and providing future generations with his perspectives on the current times and the future. It is an explosive read which challenges the reader and confronts us with our indifference. He ignites a fire within you when reading and urges us to stand up against the status quo.

You can not help but to feel his passion rub off on you, regardless of wether you support all his opinions on historical figures with questionable attitudes. The 🔥 this book brings makes it harder to stay content and do nothing.

Get the book -> Time for outrage! by Stéphane Hessel

Debt: The First 5000 Years

Author: David Grarber🪦

Our daily lives are largely about acquiring enough money in order to pay for food, housing and other necessities to survive. This amazing book by the late antropologist David Graber brings you on a journey from the time before money existed and to the present day.

This foundational knowledge is useful to help get a better context on how modern day capitalism works. It can also work as a catalyst for envisioning a different way of living than under modern day capitalism.

Along with historic accounts of how societies organized themselves before the invention of coinage, the book also debunks some myths which we are constantly being fed. Such as the myth that either we are ruled by the “market” or we go back to “trading shoes for bread”, which is something that never actually happened. He also talks about how economics was invented to help build the narrative of capitalism.

There is so much history in this book and it enables you to ground your own perspectives on more solid ground.

Get the book -> Debt: The First 5,000 Years

The corporation that changed the world

The corporation that changed the world - how the East India Company shaped the modern multinational by Nick Robins

I bought this book out of curiosity of history and to learn more of the business aspects, rather than political awareness. It is. deeply fascinating book which explains how the East Indias company’s practice pawed the way for the modern day multi national companies we see today.

As my knowledge and political education has progressed I see this company coming up as where so many things originated from. It was their need to centralize berocracy which introduced the notion of Office work and Office building. There where places designated for certain type of work before them, however the modern day office buildings came into existence because the company needed more efficiency.

If you read on to later sections, this company is ever present in the history of capitalism and the destruction of all living beings.

Get the book -> The corporation that changed the world - how the East India Company shaped the modern multinational by Nick Robins